Streamline Internal Communication with Digital Signage

Back Office Screen showing patient care tip on COPD and promotion to staff on CMS courses.

Enhance employee engagement with your healthcare initiatives and goals with digital screens tailored to your staff.

Keep Your Clinical Staff Up to Date

Female doctor watching PatientPoint back office digital screen.
  • Real-time, specialty health content keeps busy clinical staff up to date on industry news, health alerts and local weather and health indices
  • Customize the digital screen with information that supports employee engagement and wellness initiatives
  • Free continuing medical education credits for all clinicians
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Customize Your Back Office Screen

Healthcare provider using a desktop computer in the back office.

You’ll always get updated news and health alerts, but you can also customize your back office screen to support your internal communication goals with clinical staff.

  • Add messages to both the left and right zones to increase employee engagement with your message
  • Full access to a large PatientPoint Content Library with patient care tips for your specialty, wellness messages, practice policies and more that you can instantly add to your screen
  • Create your own messages or request message creation from our experienced Content Specialist Team to promote facility events, birthdays, new hires and practice news 

Enhanced Internal Communication for a Range of Specialties

Primary Care

Why Clinicians Love the Back Office Solution

“The back office program is definitely grabbing your attention. There’s always a new outbreak or new research, there’s always going to be something out there that’s interesting that gets our attention.”

Dr. S. Steve Samudrala, America’s Family Doctors

Drive Patient Engagement with Your Practice

Male and female patients watching a PatientPoint screen in the waiting room.

Engage patients with specialty health content and messages from your practice in the waiting room.


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