Communicate with Veterans While They Wait

Waiting room digital screens serve as a central communication channel for your hospital and CBOCs. Empower Veterans and caregivers with health education, wellness tips and Veterans Affairs and hospital-specific messages that keep them up to date on available VA health resources.

Support the Veteran Experience in the Exam Room

Improve care compliance with an exam room touchscreen that supports Veteran health education. Multimedia health content includes 3D anatomicals, condition-specific health education and links to online VA and hospital resources to give Veterans access to health information they need.

Keep Your Staff Connected

Provide physicians and staff with glance-and-go medical news, VA and hospital updates, continuing education opportunities and Veteran care tips with the Provider Access Platform. Streamline internal communication and enhance staff engagement with VA goals and initiatives.


Health technologies improve the Veteran care experience.

“I have been a patient in chemotherapy here in the 23rd Street VA hospital for the last 10 years, and as I have observed the PatientPoint exam room presentation I wondered…where has this great visual aid been all this time for us as patients! I will be utilizing this tool as much as possible in the future.”

Bill J., Veteran
Hand touching a PatientPoint exam room touchscreen displaying a three-dimensional brain anatomical.

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