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Put your brand at the moment of treatment and prescribing decisions. PatientPoint® point-of-care solutions engage, empower and influence patients and physicians, leading to more impactful discussions that include your brand.

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Patient Engagement Touchpoints

Explore the most comprehensive solution set at the point of care. Click a touchpoint to get started.

Waiting Room
Waiting Room Screen
Patient Education Digital Screen
Your message alongside the doctor's.

Exam Room
Interactive Touchscreen
Interactive Exam Room Device
Multimedia impact in the exam room.

Back Office
Back Office Screen
Internal Communication Screen
Exclusive access to HCPs.

Waiting Room
Patient Cell Phone
Mobile Patient Engagement
Mobile engagement for greater brand impact.

Exam Room
Brochure Display
Education Display
Attract attention from patients and HCPs.

Waiting Room
Various Patient Information
Targeted Patient Education
Engage hard-to-reach specialties.

Experience Matters

PatientPoint employees meeting in the PatientPoint office about point of care marketing solutions.

Three decades worth of experience leading point of care brings unrivaled trust and results for brands who partner with us. 

30-Year Leader in
Point of Care
425M Scripts
Written by Our HCPs*
93% Client
Renewal Rate
98% Provider
*TRx across all PatientPoint waiting room, exam room and back office programs, from April 2017-March 2018.
Quotation marks.
Your reputation and track record are the best in the industry.
Senior Media Buyer
Quotation marks.
PatientPoint: No surprises here. A trusted partner and a consistent performer. 
Industry Veteran,
Healthcare Marketing
Quotation marks.
PatientPoint reliably provides quantitative measurement of the campaigns they run. This gives advertisers like me the confidence to keep coming back. 
John O'Keeffe,
Former Director of Consumer and Shopper Marketing,
Zarbee's Naturals
OTC/CPG Brands

PatientPoint engagement solutions help your brand reach receptive healthcare consumers in the doctor's office to increase brand recommendations and drive purchase.

Man comparing over the counter products in a store.

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