Create a more impactful communication experience.

PatientPoint government hospital waiting room screen showing a male soldier talking to a female doctor.

Empower Veterans and caregivers with branded messages and important information from the VA, your VISN and local hospital.

PatientPoint Communicate Digital Screens Engagement Program

Customized Content from Your Facility

An Enhanced Veteran Experience for Your High-Traffic Areas

Exploded view of a government medical display showing customizable patient engagement content.
  • Strategically customized messaging for hospital and CBOC locations.
  • Tailor your playlists to support VISN and local initiatives.
  • Share specialty- and department-specific educational content.
  • Add custom messages from the VA and your facility to your playlist.

Tailor Your Digital Screens from a Central Platform

Healthcare provider using a desktop computer in the back office.
  • Easily add the VA logo to the digital screens.
  • Access 900+ library messages on specialty and department education, healthy living, PTSD, wellness and more to create a unique content mix to support your VISN and local initiatives.
  • Add VA, Whole Health and other messages to support your goals and increase use of Veterans’ services.

Educational Content to Support Your Departments

Primary Care
Quotation marks.
We can personalize messaging to each clinic to promote community events, medical forums and health screenings. It’s good to be able to get in front of patients multiple times by having screens in the waiting rooms.
Megan Garrett,
Lake Regional Health System

Influencing Patient Behavior

Provider engaging patients in the waiting room with a digital screen displaying health education.

PatientPoint® Communicate™ is proven to improve your quality care measures by educating patients on the importance of preventive care.

Increase in
Increase in
Exam Room Solution

Drive one-on-one engagement between providers and Veterans with interactive touchscreens.

Female patient interacting with an exam room display device.

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